MisSa Blue

The award winning multi skilled thrilling Speciality Act who excites with her tantalising personality and electrifies the whole room out of their seats!



As seen on TV: France’s Got Talent 17 November 2015


MisSa is a London based Speciality Act working in Cabaret, Perfromance Art & Neo-Burlesque. She is also specialised in creating impressive Fire Shows on big stages. The term ‘Ceremonial Cabaret’ has been especially invented for the unique atmosphere she creates with her sexy, dangerous and theatrical personality.

So Otherworldly & Magical…

MisSa is intensively touring the world for corporate events and to headline big shows.  She has recently  performed in New York, Los Angeles & Tijuana Mexico.  Regular European appearances  include Supperclub Amsterdam, Club Ritual Rome & Cabaret Bizarre Basel. In the UK MisSa is a company member of Carnesky Productions but also regular performs at the The Box  & The world famous Club Torture Garden.

MisSa  is available for UK &  International bookings.

Contact:  missabluebookings@ceremonialcabaret.com





MisSa Blue is a company member of Carnesky Productions, UK

and works regular for:

DUCKIE Productions

The Box in Soho, London

Supperclub Amsterdam

Club Ritual Rome 

Club Torture Garden London & International Tour

Cabaret Bizarre Basel &International Tour

and associates with:

Coney Island USA, New York

La Pocha Nostra, San Francisco / Mexico

Bushwick Burlesque New York

The 5h Stockholm Burlesque Festival 

The World Burlesque Games



Art is a dish best served live.


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