Lets get this blog on the road!

Hi everybody,

for the next couple of weeks i am following a course in blogging that has been offered from my website provider. In terms of content i will try and stick as much to the curriculum as possible. So don’t get confused if i am not only writing about my art right now! Today i have been asked to write a brief introduction about myself and why i am here.

So for everybody who joins me just now: I am MisSa Blue, a German Performance Artist based in London. I work international in the field of Performance Art, Cabaret & Neo- Burlesque.

If you want to know more please read the about section on my webpage:


I am here because i got tired of Facebook guidelines who restrict my content and the general feeling that a lot of ‘friends’ are not really interested over there. Of course, moving from a social media site like Facebook onto a blog is a pretty big step. For me unleast. Especially because English is not my first language and i usually don’t write essays. Yes, my Facebook updates could have been a little longer sometimes but i doubt anybody read them anyway properly as the attention span over there is: short. I kinda would like to only reach people who are actually really interested in my work and life and who can be bothered to follow me ( via blog subscription). So to everybody who reads this now:

Welcome to my life!

In my teens i used to write a daily journal for many years. I ended up with books and books of written stuff that i finally had to partly throw away. Now its much easier. It’s all here forever and i don’t need to carry it when i move. From now on i will -hopefully- regular enough update you on my performance work, my gigs, my travels and my dreams. I am also planning to feature some great other artists i have worked with in the past like photographers etc. and also hope to be able to connect with as many people here as i did on Facebook or even more. The quality of my updates will be better and i can post pictures without the stupid cropping and silly nudity restrictions. I am looking forward into a year with high quality standard, better communication and hopefully a lot of feedback from YOU: My fans and friends. Lets get this blog on the road!

Lots of love from MisSa (-and of course a picture….Lets start with a selfie so unleast everybody knows what i look like normally! )

Kisses ❤


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