Live photography in London: Meet MarcusT

I want to introduce the photographer MarcusT who has portrait and documented my live performance work since the very first day i stepped onto a stage in London. He captured the essence of my work in a detail filled and precise manner like nobody else. Looking at his pictures help me not only to remember but to re-live the event. I treasure these in my heart and  my public and private Galleries. He was there in my first moments of stage time joy, excitement, fear, experience and victory. Yes the victory of getting through my own piece of work alive and winning over the audience. MarcusT is THE photographer of London’s alt/fetish/rock/goth and culture scene since 2005. He has taken pictures of the biggest names of performing artists throughout these genres and his pictures are featured in magazines including Time Out, Marquis, Bizarre & Skin Two Latextra. He also travels internationally to follow up events like Torture Garden Italy. Wasteland and Germany Fetish Ball and has provided the scene with an outstanding archive of moments we love to remember in tastefully edited pictures.

Meet MarcusT

1800087_519186631517753_3109807230971194559_o   10834988_1567040406865877_6143735607849993961_o

Following you find links to galleries on MarcusT’s website and a collection of pictures he took of me in the past. Enjoy!

Love MisSa !

MarcusT feature on Ceremonial Cabaret by MisSa Blue 

Fet X MisSa Blue & Marnie Scarlet

MisSa Blue at Club Antichrist

Fashion shows by MarcusT

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