Mood For Love

Watch the snow dance of the movie Memoirs of a Geisha. It’s so beautiful and has been a massive inspiration for my new act ‘Mood For Love’ i am debuting tomorrow in London at Marisa Carnesky’s Finishing School Graduate Show.

Having lived in Tokyo for 2 years and treasuring those times deeply in my heart i have been wanting to do a Geisha act for years but my ideas needed to develop and i did not wanted to just try and be Japanese. With the help of Lisa Lee ( The LipSinkers)  and Marisa Carnesky, two strong women on the London cabaret scene who both inspire me deeply, i was able to channel the beauty i see in this Japanese treasure of mine into the style of Avant -Garde performance art work i follow.

Come to The BGWMC in London tomorrow, and you will see this act and 12 other wonderful new pieces of performance from my fellow students.

Carnesky’s Finishing School Graduate Show:

The Snow Dance:


Marisa Carnesky


Carnesky Productions is an artist-lead organisation committed to interdisciplinary performance events and workshops. Founded by Marisa Carnesky, the company has developed a form, which exists between live art, new circus, experimental theatre, and installation art. The Carnesky aesthetic is inspired by spectacular popular entertainment from funfair rides to waxwork exhibitions, magic illusions, and grand ritual. Embedded within Carnesky’s practice is an interest in issues surrounding gender and the feminine in mythology and history with particular emphasis on cultural political themes such as migration, displacement, identity, global conflicts, and the role of ritual and superstition. Marisa is currently undertaking a PHD at Middlesex University in the Performance and Media department.

Lisa Lee




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