Deep Blue ( My 3 Goals )

As of today i am officially hitting the blogging 201 assignments. I have finished ‘101’ a 4 week beginners blogging course and feel my page is up and running now. I am ready to take it to another level. Still so keen to meet new people, fellow bloggers & artists –  i dive into the deep blue blogsphere. It must be blue and big like the ocean, i imagine.

My 3 goals i had to set for the course are: 1. gain Followers, 2. stick to my weekly features & 3. stay in touch with fellow bloggers.

So what’s gonna happen here?

With two regular blog posts a week i hope to entertain my readers. ‘The look of the Week’ will be tuesdays and ‘A little bit of late night Fantasy Filth‘ on sunday nights. Lets see how much posting i can fit around it. There is a chance of a live ticker while i travel to Amsterdam later this month, while performing for Supperclub and i am certain i will update you on my gig in Edinburgh for the legendary Club Torture Garden! I would also like to write some features about other artists i work with and i hope to have soon a guest writer on here. But lets start with a picture the amazing  Nick Tucker took of me!



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