A Little Bit Of Late Night Fantasy Filth…

This is a very early late night this time. It’s not 22h yet but i am tucked into bed and super tired – ready to sleep as soon as this blog post is out. Last Week was great but exhausting. Filled with late night performances, a visit from my German friends, Franko B‘s Exhibition opening Woof Woof I’m back and of course the party with the big bang: 4 years TheBox in Soho (also my home since 1,5 years)

In Woof Woof I’m back Franko B presents a new body of work: a series of around 80 drawings made from wool stitched onto paper. The pieces are inspired by everyday life, relationships and news events, as well as references to specific art histories – from the personal to the political and the poetic. Go see it , it’s on till the end of February ’15.

The Anniversary show at The Box was otherworldly. Some of my favourite performers where on like Narcissister from NYC and Chrisalys Circus London. Then we danced and drank Champagne all night, hence the hungover today is epic as the night was…

 Franko B_0

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