Sunday Late Night Fantasy Filth: Torture Garden Edinburgh Special

Hi from Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ve performed at the legendary Club Torture Garden last night alongside a great cast of performers and DJ’s. It was a sold out house with great atmosphere. I do love the unusual venue The Caves. It a mysterious romantic vault hundreds of years old with long history as whiskey storage. Now imagine this place filled with beautifully dressed up fetishists dancing and doing their sexy thing!  We travelled up all together by train; Co- Founder and DJ David TG, DJ The Secretary (Charlotte TG), DJ Rockit Riyat, The Queen of alternative performance: The Vivid Angel & Pandora Deluxe who brought a Latex Fashion show. Some where a little tired from the recent tour TG in Japan, some from last nights party. But in general the spirits where up. We had wine and pretzels and chatted a lot. Oh hang on, no there was no wine on the train for us cause we decided to pace ourselves. Yes really! Once arrived in Edinburgh we settled in our wonderful hotel. It had a gym and spa. My day was made and after a solid 1,5 hot workout i joined the crew to set up the club and tech our shows. Tech is the most important part of my performance work. A good preparation and inspection of the space and health and safety lets me later perform freely and unfold on stage. Nothing is worse then a damaged CD that wasn’t tested prior stage time. Disaster, disappointment and an unprofessional impression towards the promoter. No, i am having non of this! I even burned the birdcage. Twice. But if i am honest that was more for the fun of it. I just love setting props on fire. And whats a better place to do this then in a cave?


Now it was soon time to get ready. Make up and costume would take a couple of hours. We had a huge backstage area sharing with all performers and models.

The Vivid Angel & me as ‘The Geisha’ prior show time!


Here with our compare Gypsy Charms and The Vivid Angel:


I had so much fun performing and my acts ‘The Black Bearded Geisha’ and ‘The Green Voodoo Witchdoctor’. They went down very well. Loads of positive feedback and happy Fans! Professional pictures and video soon to come.I really do love this gig as the crowd is so welcoming and i get to hang out with some of my favourite people. Edinburgh has somehow grown onto me tightly through being part of the Fringe Festival every year. It’s my spiritual home.

A few more pictures of the usual Torture Garden suspects:

DJ Rockit Riyad


Co-Founder and DJ David TG and The Vivid Angel post performance!


David TG, Charlotte TG, DJ Rockit Riyad, The Vivid Angel the next day at our pub lunch…


Right, i will go sleep now as i have a few hard core days filming and shooting here in Edinburgh ahead. Good night MisSa

Further info:

The Vivid Angel (the Queen of Alternative Performance and the Ultimate Showgirl! Bizarre Mag. Twisted Cabaret Crown Winner World Burlesque Games. 2014) performed her act Black Tea on the MainStage:

1610884_10152794759083935_2231604513357735539_n 10974397_885677388136954_7590865770000392589_o

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