MisSa Blue & Louise De Ville at Wasteland

Wasteland is the biggest fetish party in Europe founded in 1994 and running successful for 21 years. I have been performing for them since 2013 and every time i am bringing new acts to the stage fitting their concept and theme of the year. At this winters event i wanted to do something really special so i teamed up with my friend and fellow international performer Louise De Ville for a fiery duet. We played 2 witches a dark and a light one and created costumes around the theme ‘Dark Fairytales’. We must have had about 6000 Rhinestones between us sparkling on our gowns and armed with much heavy fire equipment we stormed the stage and set the night on fire. In the final show down Louise was suspended and flying metres above the stage throwing massive flames into the air while i was breathing more then 8 metres high flames. (I know that because the Venue owner said the fire almost hit the ceiling in the hall). It was a spectacle and so much fun to perform. But see for yourself!

Following pictures by Heinrich von Schimmer & Maggie Leroux

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