My Sword Swallowing story so far…

My last day on the beach in Australia well spend…

As almost everybody knows by now that i ventured into the big wide world last summer to learn Sword Swallowing. It’s been such an exiting journey. I met some amazing people who taught and worked with me. The last year has been a killer roller coaster with a lot of practise, set back’s, fear, fun & achievements. It was’t easy and i know the way ahead is still long with the most exiting things to learn yet. But i have already made the step into performing and loving it. The shows i am booked in are getting bigger and bigger and the sword collection in my house larger and larger…


Well theses are just 3 of the 6 swords i own now !

On top of that i just received my brand new umbrella swallow…


I am working on the costume of this new act right now and it should be in action very very soon.!

For the time of waiting i have made a little video about my sword swallowing progress. I hope you like it!

Happy Easter with much love from MisSa Blue


Sword Swallowers Day , Australia 2016
My most exiting show so far in Hamburg, Germany
Elle Diablow and me at World Sword Swallowers Day
MisSa Blue sword swallowing by Stecor