My hair care routine + products

In April 2017 i decided to take my hair out of weave and let it grow. The virgin hair had already a decent length but i got carried away and dyed it with bleach, styled it frequently and used it on stage. That was a big mistake as over time a lot of the ends especially on top broke off. In June i finally decided to cut the bottom a good 10cm/ 4inch off as it was broken and much longer then the top. I had to start again and all in all in the past 10 month i could not gain much length but i am already really happy how much fuller it is now. Now I only leave my hair out in private and won’t be using it on stage ever again.

See the pictures left May 2017 / Right January 2018


As i have been asked what i use on my real hair. Here is my routine:

I NEVER use products like hairspray or gel on it. I wash it every two weeks with one round of shampoo. I do use a shampoo with soap at the moment as i feel my hair does need to be cleaned as i am not washing often in winter. I now also stopped any heat treatment and let it air dry. After washing i wrap it into a towel and let the towel soak off the water without rubbing. Then warm up 100% Shea butter and work it into the moist hair.

After washing i usually wear the hair open for 2 days and only treat it with warm 100% Shea butter, my Leave-in conditioner spray and every other day i put 100% Argan oil onto my baby hair in the front and front part of scalp to keep repairing the damage i’ve done with all the weaves over the years.

During the week when i am working i put the hair in big braids so it can go under my wig. I use conditioner mixed in with olive oil. Yes that sounds heavy but it works on my hair. ( You can try different oils like coconut etc…). I will really soak them into product, then de-tangle them carefully, braid them and that’s it. I renew the braids every other day but spray moisturiser over it in between. Basically while i am working away the hair can deep moisturise and rest.

Not all my products are without Sulfates. But i try keep it as natural as possible.


Products used:

100% organic Shea Butter

100% organic Argan Oil

Cold Pressed Virgin Olive Oil

Shea Moisture  Restorative Raw Shea Butter Conditioner (mixed with Olive Oil)

Creme of Nature Argan Oil Leave in Conditioner (mixed with Olive Oil) – Has Sulfates

Ogx Coconut Water Shampoo – Has Sulfates


Featured image picture credit: Verena Gremmer



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