I am writing a talk on racism in showbusiness and started a gofund me campaign

In the past weeks we had and intense discussion about cultural appropriation on the international Burlesque circuit that has hurt people from all backgrounds and cost a lot of performers of colour a huge amount of emotional labour.

Many articles have been published by white ally’s but many agreed that a ‚brown‘ voice of a performer of colour can not be replaced by a white one.  A white writer’s view is a view out of privilege from a person that never had the experience of growing up as part of an oppressed minority.

I have had conversations  with many performers of colour to hear their opinions and in search for ideas how to take the conversation forward in a productive manner so we can all continue learning.

I learned that people of colour are tired of talking. Many don’t want to write. do a talk or any other emotional labour for free anymore if it is to educate white people in an industry that’s very slow or even reluctant in accepting that we are having  a problem at all.

I don’t feel tired yet and  got experience in writing talks through the TEDx talk I’ve written and held  in 2017.

Now is the right time to offer my services to the community. I want to create an inclusive learning experience for poc and white together. A talk to bring to festivals and other platforms with my own unique take on how we can all evolve and learn together without getting constantly hurt.

I already started writing the talk and a paper on this matter with intention to finish it in January 2019. I am planning to present it  first within in the international Burlesque & Cabaret community and then hopefully place it on a broader platform like TEDx.

50-70 hours of unpaid labour is a realistic expectation to finish the task. I am hereby asking the people who will benefit from this educational piece to please support me.

It will make a very big difference not to work completely for free and to feel the community stands behind me. Therefore it doesn’t matter how much you can afford to donate. Every donation is greatly appreciated and will be turned into hard work!


please find my gofundme campaign click here

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
MisSa Blue

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