Speciality Sideshow

Never seen before! New to the UK & rest of the world!

Livia, the reign queen of UK sideshow prides herself for her original outstanding big prop sideshow acts. She offers a stunning ladder of swords climb, a sideshow duo acrobatic act: handstands mixed with a bed of nails and a bed of machetes and now new the extreme stunt: fire glass walking.

Picture by Ade Atona
Picture ny Sarah Hickson

Livia either balances with bare feet on huge swords, dances and jumps on burning broken glass or counterweights up to 100kg /220lbs wile her duo partner executes a difficult hand stand routine on top of her wile sandwiched between machetes and nails.

Livia brings a polished professional circus style approach to the classic sideshow. Her execution stands out and with many different outfits to choose from she fits into every setting – from London’s Westend show to Spiegel tent!

Picture by Sarah Hickson
Picture by Sarah Hickson