A Dangerous skill: SWORD SWALLOWING Burlesque / Gala night act



MisSa Blue is s is showing off this very rare mysterious and dangerous skill in a brand new glamourous light. Her all white Burlesque fan dance & sword swallowing act is the most dazzling sword performance ever seen. The costume embellished with over 6000 Swarovski’s and the performance executed with pizazz, high-end skill and this ever so fascinating energy that only MisSa Blue has to offer.


Seen at:

Burlesque Hall of Fame 2018

New York Burlesque Festival 2018

Stockholm Burlesque Festival 2018


Oslo Burlesque Festival 2017 (Headliner)

Stuttgart Burlesque Festival 2017 (Headliner)

Swiss Burlesque Festival 2017

Hamburg Burlesque Festival 2017

Berlin Burlesque Week 2017

Amsterdam Burlesque Festival 2016

Berlin Burlesque Festival 2016

Antwerpen Burlesque Festival 2014

World Burlesque Games 2013