MisSa is  is showing off this very rare mysterious and dangerous skill in a brand new glamourous light.

She offers a spoken variety act in two languages. English or German. Catering to any occasion with this thrilling number including with audience participation. The chosen assistant walks away with a life time experience of helping a sword swallower live on stage and the audience watches a rare spectacle they won’t forget soon. Ringmaster costume, Gown or Suit can be chosen by client depending on the occasion.


Her all white Burlesque fan dance & sword swallowing act is the most dazzling sword performance ever seen. The costume embellished with over 6000 Swarovski’s and the performance executed with pizazz, high-end skill and this ever so fascinating energy that only MisSa  has to offer.

Missa Blue © Tigz Rice Studios 2017. http://www.tigzrice.com