Cabaret Act: The Black Bearded Geisha




The Black Bearded Geisha is a cabaret act about cultural background, identity, gender and sexuality in a beautiful, playful way. Inspired by the movie Memoirs of a Geisha translated into MisSa Blue’s unique language of art. Aesthetically thought through, choreographed details with references to NOH and Japanese Botoh dance, layered with history & imagination, queer, sexy and really funny.

MisSa Blue says: “The blackface was originally not included into this act. But i am using a song from Mae West called ‘Occidental Woman’. She sings about being a white woman in the mood for oriental love. Mae west was suspected to be a man in times and it is known that she wanted to be black. So i found a bearded Lady/Geisha with black face would just cut it and that even before thinking  about all the other political and theatrical edges a black face brigs with it of course”

Original Japanese Soundtrack of Memoirs of a Geisha + Mae West
Time: 5 min

This act can also be booked as fire act.




Pictures by Rod Doyle:

Pictures by Rod Penn

Pictures by Guido Mencari






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