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MisSa is actively engaging in discussions on black queer Performance Art, racism/colourism education, female empowerment in show business, mental illness awareness, overcoming fears/anxiety/addiction, support for female Performers of Colour and visibility of Performers of Colour in general.  She is available for talks, panel discussions and workshops. E-mail here


Past talks include:

In 2017 MisSa was invited to speak at the International Oslo Burlesque Festival. She shared a personal story to encourage women in the industry to speak up about racism, sexism and misogyny. The speech was well received with a standing ovation.




MisSa Blue for TEDx

It’s been quite a journey for MisSa Blue to become the successful performer she is today and in her talk she shares her personal story on how overcoming mental illness triggered by a difficult childhood gave her finally the confidence to pursue her dreams. MisSa Blue is a well known variety performer who has gained international recognition through her highly skilled sword swallowing shows and for being one of the very few woman in the world who are still actively practising this ancient art form. After touring the world for almost a decade and headlining shows of all genre she has recently signed a leading role with the German Variety Company GOP. In 2016 she survived a life threatening accident on stage. This has pushed her to become an activist for Performers of Colour in international show business. MisSa has since been called a role model for her fight against racism and for more visibility of black female performers in the industry. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.




Interview for On Being Gay Magazine :

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Interview for Lick’n’Mix by Amy Ridler:



Interview for Everything Adelaide, Australia:



Interview in German for WAZ Münster:



Interview for Oslo Papers / Oslo Burlesque Festival: