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Livia’s debut collection is a testament of resilience. As a Queer Black woman speaking on personal loss, queer identity, institutional racism but also hope and joy, achievement, activism and a future that is unapologetically Black.

In her debut poetry collection Livia touchingly evokes her childhood memories then takes us onto her journey of self-discovery, overcoming stereotypes and finally moving into her power.

I cannot currently think of any artist more powerful and unique than Livia Kojo Alour, nor any current poetry collection more resonant and poignant than Rising of the Black Sheep Anne Clark, poet & spoken word artist

A fierce poetic and deeply honest voice about what it means to be a Black woman living in the diaspora … An activist speaking directly on the modern colonial mindset of the UK … A stunning debut collectionGuillermo Gómez-Peña, Mexican/Chicano artist, writer, activist and educator based in San Francisco

A heartfelt and visceral collection of self discovery and the power that comes from withinAmy Ridler, writer & educator

This poetry collection is an extension of her award winning solo show Black Sheep.




ISBN 978-1-914237-06-5


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