MisSa Blue Down Under

The possibilleties to find adventures are endless. Some happen in your living room or workplace, or just in our heads. But sometimes you have to travel thousands of miles with ships and planes through stop-overs , lay-overs, hotels & motels use car rentals, busses or even walk or crawl to reach the destination of your next adventure. […]

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My Home

I am taking part in another blogging course: Photography101. My month in pictures. Today’s assignment was : ‘Home’. Since I am on tour ( currently in Edinburgh) right now the following picture really sums up perfectly what I call home most days of the year. Crazy… But see for yourself! And it’s heavy too…..

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Poem of the Day

Juggling the travelling , performing, blogging and writing workshop, i have , yes, missed some days. But not today! Today is a poetry day, ENJOY! through a wide open door gazing into nothing so deeply and intense hugging my senses couldn’t tell the future uncertain mind came on a strong storm the un-predictable kind this […]

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