Poem of the Day

Juggling the travelling , performing, blogging and writing workshop, i have , yes, missed some days. But not today! Today is a poetry day, ENJOY! through a wide open door gazing into nothing so deeply and intense hugging my senses couldn’t tell the future uncertain mind came on a strong storm the un-predictable kind this […]

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Deep Blue ( My 3 Goals )

As of today i am officially hitting the blogging 201 assignments. I have finished ‘101’ a 4 week beginners blogging course and feel my page is up and running now. I am ready to take it to another level. Still so keen to meet new people, fellow bloggers & artists –  i dive into the […]

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Mood For Love

Watch the snow dance of the movie Memoirs of a Geisha. It’s so beautiful and has been a massive inspiration for my new act ‘Mood For Love’ i am debuting tomorrow in London at Marisa Carnesky’s Finishing School Graduate Show. Having lived in Tokyo for 2 years and treasuring those times deeply in my heart i have […]

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