Solo show ‘Black Sheep’ autumn tour announced soon!  

Press for Black Sheep: The Voice Online , Run Riot Article , Scene 


Livia Kojo Alour (formerly known as MisSa Blue) the iconic variety star, international recognised sword swallower, vocalist, poet and exhibited artist. Her extensive work stretches from Theatre over Live Art to Circus. Livia is one of only  4 black sword swallowers world wide, was voted ‘Most Influential Performer in Europe 2018’ and was the first sword swallower to perform at the legendary Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas!

Livia currently based in London U.K. works regular for an array of different upscale venues and Theatres around the city and is about to embark on a national tour with her debut solo show Black Sheep. In the past she held residencies at Soho Theatre, The Underbelly Southbank, Rich Mix Studio, Camden People’s Theatre, The Box, Proud Embankment, Edinburgh Fringe, Adelaide  Fringe Australia, Off Broadway NYC, Las Vegas, GOP Variety Theatres Germany and many more.

She’s a firm favourite with press. Platforms like the BBC, The Guardian & The Voice Newspaper interview her regular and she spoke inspirationally on TEDx about how a life threatening sword swallowing accident changed her perception in regards to the artistic process and politics within art at large. 

During the 2020  Covid lockdowns Livia produced and Arts-activist film supporting the Black Lives Matter movement that was included in several international festivals, wrote a Poetry collection to be published in autumn ’22 and became a recording artist.  

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Notable achievements:

Theatre debut with solo show  ‘Rising Of The Black Sheep’ 2021 

Ranked No. 1 ‘Most influential Burlesque industry figure in Europe 2018 

Exhibited Artist at The Museum for Contemporary Art Bordeaux 2019

Ranked No. 21 ‘Most influential Burlesque industry figure world wide 2018 

First sword swallower at The Burlesque Hall of Fame Las Vegas 2018

Featured Interview on BBC4 Radio & BBC World Service 2018

Speaker on TEDx Germany 2017

Award winner ‘Pic of Fringe’ with ‘Fuego Carnal’, Adelaide Fringe, Australia 2017

Award winner ‘Pic of Fringe’ with ‘The Little Death Club’ Adelaide, Australia 2017