Happy New Year and Welcome to my new Blog!

Welcome to my new blog called Ceremonial Cabaret.  In 2015 i am going to step up my game. In performance work and in my virtual appearance. Building a new web page and starting a blog. I felt this needed after social media sites like Facebook closing up on artists and creative people forcing censorship upon us, deciding for us what is proper content and limiting our freedom of being different.

In addition to this blog i have also my own #hashtags. I have been using them for the past 5 month and now want YOU to use them as well. If you upload anything regarding me or us together – please hashtag away. It’s:

#ceremonialcabaret & #missablue

I can’t wait for your tags!

So, onwards and upwards. This will be my new platform 2015!

My cover picture was taken by Marcus T. at The Torture Garden Valentines Ball 2014.



My bio was kindly written by Frankie Knuckles Manchester


Love MisSa Blue

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