“…impressive sword swallowing extraordinaire from  Missa Blue. Not only has the woman got some serious, flexible moves, but she delivers poise, grace, and a huge smile on her face, while casually swallowing 3 different kinds of swords.” Weekend Notes Adelaide

“The fire-eating sword-swallower Missa Blue brings a sense of delectation to her every task.” The Times, UK

“…excellent MisSa Blue, in an tiara of lit candles and a glimmering lamé skirt, has a baroque and witchy sword-swallowing set..”, The Stage UK

“Missa Blue is outstanding with the fire-eating!…”The List, Edinburgh Festival

“… I’ve never seen a fire show like this before – there was literally fire all over the stage! ” The Perth Projet, Australia

“An amazing pyrotechnic display that worked well in the high ceiling of the big top.” Rotunda Media Perth, Australia

”The queen of erotic neo-burlesque!” – Jackson Lane Theatre London

“…Stunning and breathtaking, involving flame dancing and fire breathing, leaving the audience cheering…” The West Australian

“MisSa Blue – I will never look at candles the same way again. What a performance!”- Arts Awards Voice, Edinburgh Fringe

“MisSa Blue had me foxed, is she a he? Who cares! She’s stunning, sexy and was incredible on crazy heels” – Broadway Baby, Ed Fringe

“…From a sexy striptease to jaw dropping circus skills – MisSa always delivers something to remember” Torture Garden London

“A strange exotic creature ” Redcarpetreports

“Enigmatic, gender-bending performance art starlet” –Torture Garden Edinburgh

“Who is is ready for a sexy, crazy good show with MisSa Blue?” – Supperclub Amsterdam

“Where does this lady find this energy!” – Brighton Twisted Marked

“German performance artist MisSa Blue has an incredible body, in her surreal performances every movement has purpose with striking shapes that evoke admiration” – Performer The Book

“…From London an artist with the capital S, MisSa has literally blessed us … in two suggestive performances that made you understand that performance is more then just “performing” but it is to send a message to the speaker and emotionally make them part of the act of Theater in progress. Club Ritual Rome 

Super MisSa to which i express my deep affection and respect as a performer but especially as a human being….’

“Amazing  bizarre show last Saturday with  bad ass lady: MisSa Blue” -Absinthe Bizarre

“The final act MisSa Blue was one of the strangest things I had ever witnessed” – Broadway Baby

“This year Missa gave us her debut as host. She worked it, owned that stage, giving us a spectacular floor presence , while not taking away any spotlight from the other Performers , Missa is a perfect Compere” – Tina Girliedyke / Co-Organiser Brighton Fetish Weekend


Speciality Act