“Award winning multi-skilled thrilling speciality act, MisSa Blue excites with her tantalising personality and electrifies the whole room out of their seats!”

“She’s the queen of fire and knives” Sheila Wolf – Vaudeville Variety Revue Berlin

I had not seen any performer like Missa before. Mind blowing, compelling and literally jaw dropping.Aside from immense talent and being possibly the most beautiful woman alive Missa is also a warrior. Driven and principled. All hail! Lizzie Biscuits

‘MisSa Blue shows off her insides. Literally! She is a master of the historical art of sword swallowing and brilliantly shows us how her beautiful sword tickles the bottom of her stomach!’ WAZ Germany 

MisSa Blue is a different kind of freak. She presents the dangerous art of sword swallowing dressed in the most glamorous gowns and entertains with cool stunts and audience interactions. One sword is burning, one is wavy and the last one is swallowed with help of an audience member. Allesmü

‘The sword tickles the stomach in MisSa Blue’s brilliant an precise executed sword swallowing show’ Translated from German

‘One of the most amazing performers on the stage was MisSa Blue from London, who swallowed swords…’ (Stuttgarter Zeitung, GE)

“An amazing pyrotechnic display that worked well in the high ceiling of the big top.” Rotunda Media Perth, Australia

‘…exquisite MisSa Blue who thrilled us with her suggestive sword swallowing…She is beautiful and dominating at the same time..’

“Eye candy for the soul, and tastes as good as it reads on the menu! 
“…Not only has the woman got some serious, flexible moves that make you want to shake your hips …, but she also delivers poise, grace, and a huge smile on her face, while casually swallowing 3 different kinds of swords.” 

“Missa Blue followed in all her stunning, feathered glory, wowing with feats of hard core sword swallowing that would make the hardest man crumble.” ( X-press Magazine)

“MisSa Blue and her sword swallowing captured the attention of all in an instant, shifting from burlesque to cut-throat danger!” (

“…excellent MisSa Blue, in an tiara of lit candles and a glimmering lamé skirt, has a baroque and witchy sword-swallowing set..”(The Stage UK) 

“ The performances on show are distinctive and compelling. There is some spectacle like the sword swallower MisSa Blue…”(The Play The Thing UK)

“…impressive sword swallowing extraordinaire from  Missa Blue. Not only has the woman got some serious, flexible moves, but she delivers poise, grace, and a huge smile on her face, while casually swallowing 3 different kinds of swords.” Weekend Notes Adelaide

“The fire-eating sword-swallower Missa Blue brings a sense of delectation to her every task.” The Times, UK

“Missa Blue is outstanding with the fire-eating!…”The List, Edinburgh Festival

“… I’ve never seen a fire show like this before – there was literally fire all over the stage! ” The Perth Projet, Australia

”The queen of erotic neo-burlesque!” – Jackson Lane Theatre London

“…Stunning and breathtaking, involving flame dancing and fire breathing, leaving the audience cheering…” The West Australian

“MisSa Blue – I will never look at candles the same way again. What a performance!”- Arts Awards Voice, Edinburgh Fringe

“MisSa Blue had me foxed, is she a he? Who cares! She’s stunning, sexy and was incredible on crazy heels” – Broadway Baby, Ed Fringe

“…From a sexy striptease to jaw dropping circus skills – MisSa always delivers something to remember” Torture Garden London

“A strange exotic creature ” Redcarpetreports

“Enigmatic, gender-bending performance art starlet” –Torture Garden Edinburgh

“Who is is ready for a sexy, crazy good show with MisSa Blue?” – Supperclub Amsterdam

“Where does this lady find this energy!” – Brighton Twisted Marked

“German performance artist MisSa Blue has an incredible body, in her surreal performances every movement has purpose with striking shapes that evoke admiration” – Performer The Book

“…From London an artist with the capital S, MisSa has literally blessed us … in two suggestive performances that made you understand that performance is more then just “performing” but it is to send a message to the speaker and emotionally make them part of the act of Theater in progress. Club Ritual Rome 

Super MisSa to which i express my deep affection and respect as a performer but especially as a human being….’

“Amazing  bizarre show last Saturday with  bad ass lady: MisSa Blue” -Absinthe Bizarre

“The final act MisSa Blue was one of the strangest things I had ever witnessed” – Broadway Baby

“This year Missa gave us her debut as host. She worked it, owned that stage, giving us a spectacular floor presence , while not taking away any spotlight from the other Performers , Missa is a perfect Compere” – Tina Girliedyke / Co-Organiser Brighton Fetish Weekend