How i met black people and fell in love with London

Usually things that are over a decade ago feel so far way to me that i can barely remember. Not so with the day i set a foot into London for the first time. I was a 20 and had just left school.  A little naive running after a lost love to Portsmouth. Saddened by their rejection i took the train to the Big Smoke stepped out at Euston station and made my way into Soho. My eyes did not believe what they saw. My jaw dropped open and would not close anymore. The Nineties in SOHO. It was wild and felt dangerously exciting! The time when record shops where still buzzing. Full of boys who wanted to be DJ’s and the bookstores where the second biggest destination directly next to sex shops, strip clubs and bars. It was the jungle that offered everything i desired. Within minutes the heart pain was forgotten because what i saw that day had such impact on my soul and on everything i would do for the rest of my life. I saw Black people. They where everywhere. I knew about the Indians and Pakistani but how did i not know about the Jamaicans and Africans? I was only 1 hour flight away from home. For the first time in my life i felt ‘undercover’ and remember thinking: ‘I could probably strip naked and piss on the street and nobody would see it’.

For the first time in my life i wasn’t stared at. I wasn’t the center of attention just because i was black. Nobody cared to watch me. I could step onto a bus to just sit down minding my own business or go to a shop without being complimented on my skin colour or accent free language. I started crying. I cried for the liberation i felt that day.  Today i would say i also cried in hate for my parents. Cause even though my friends where allowed they forbid me to travel to London for most of my teenage years. Their fear i could find happiness elsewhere then home robbed me of the experience of feeling ‘ normal’  during my puberty. Something that had certainly damaged me being the only black girl in my school and neighbourhood.

However, i was now in Love with the expensive city that is London and it’s diversity. That time i did’t have the guts to take it on as my home. I enjoyed a few days wondering around this impressive town taking in as much as i could. Then returned home knowing i wasn’t gonna stay in Germany. I was so inspired and wanted to see the rest of the world. That was the beginning of my 10 year long journey through amazing cities and countries looking for my identity and a new home. Secretly knowing in the back of my head that it would be London one day.



Here are the big news! FREAKS the new show had finally it’s world premiere in Münster, Germany at the GOP Varieté Theatre and we are running till 11.March 2018. Then we will commence on our 2 year Germany tour thoughout all GOP Theatres. the show is spiked with high end acrobats, clowns and musicians from all over the world and of course a female sword swallower!

The show “Freaks” is scary and incredibly beautiful. It celebrates the weird, the quirky, the subtle. The world of spectacle has always been a place where something special could be a sensation. With “freaks” this philosophy is completely reinterpreted.

Elyas Khan: MUSIK
Sébastien Tardif: COMEDY
Gabriel Drouin: CYR
Estrella Urban: HANDSTAND
Duo Vladimir & Trio Trilogy:PARTNERAKROBATIK

GOP Varieté-Theater Münster
Bahnhofstraße 20-22
48143 Münster


Tickets click here!

My Sword Swallowing story so far…

My last day on the beach in Australia well spend…

As almost everybody knows by now that i ventured into the big wide world last summer to learn Sword Swallowing. It’s been such an exiting journey. I met some amazing people who taught and worked with me. The last year has been a killer roller coaster with a lot of practise, set back’s, fear, fun & achievements. It was’t easy and i know the way ahead is still long with the most exiting things to learn yet. But i have already made the step into performing and loving it. The shows i am booked in are getting bigger and bigger and the sword collection in my house larger and larger…


Well theses are just 3 of the 6 swords i own now !

On top of that i just received my brand new umbrella swallow…


I am working on the costume of this new act right now and it should be in action very very soon.!

For the time of waiting i have made a little video about my sword swallowing progress. I hope you like it!

Happy Easter with much love from MisSa Blue


Sword Swallowers Day , Australia 2016
My most exiting show so far in Hamburg, Germany
Elle Diablow and me at World Sword Swallowers Day
MisSa Blue sword swallowing by Stecor

MisSa Blue Down Under

The possibilleties to find adventures are endless. Some happen in your living room or workplace, or just in our heads. But sometimes you have to travel thousands of miles with ships and planes through stop-overs , lay-overs, hotels & motels use car rentals, busses or even walk or crawl to reach the destination of your next adventure. These ones are by far my favourites…

I was invited to Australia for the month of February getting away from the ugly English winter. But this was just a fancy side effect. The real reason i flew over was of course performing at the Fringe Festivals in Perth and Adelaide. Danger Cabaret Production opened the second instalment of their 2015 hit sensation show ‘El Bizarro‘ and booked me as their headline act. Honoured, exited and little scared i made my way into this totally unknown territory and what i found has truly changed my  life & career forever. The producers where super professional and lovely on a quite personal level, the cast of the show was outstanding and the audiences welcomed and appreciated me with applause, compliments and lovely messages after every show. I have honestly never felt so appreciated before. We really celebrated our success together and killed it in every single night.

Making people happy (including myself) has always been the main reason why i started performing. To share the joy with many is a high and to give others a wonderful experience is just beautiful. But to look into somebody’s glowing eyes who tells you that they have never seen anything like your show before and they will never forget it is very very moving. When i created my fire show i wanted to do it differently to what’s already out there. Not to be better then others but to do something new and wild. Australia’s audience made me understand that i succeeded with this mission. And for the first time i look back satisfied. I would not want to change a thing. This is total news to me as i usually always see unleast 1 thing that needs improvement.

El Bizarro 2016 cast: David Eriksson, Vivian Marlowe, Elle Diablo, Agatha Frisky, Circus Carnis, Russel BrunerElla Rose. Produced by Jasmine Clea Danks & Magnus Danger Magnus

I have collected pictures and impressions out of this time and mixed them up with some of the lovely things that have been written and said. Of course i also included the other performers and shows who invited me to perform along the way.

One of them was Hot Brown Honey. An all coloured cast of amazing women (produced by Briefs Factory) who have performed a run of sold out shows in Adelaide. To be invited to join them at their Block Party after show event was a great honour and it even allowed me to get to know them personally a little. I have deep respect seeing a show so well put together in high quality and still carrying a strong political message. These women have truly rocked my world and i hope they will be seen in Europe soon.


Talking about working with the best – I was a special guest at Space Cowboy’s Wonderland Sideshow at the Adelaide Fringe in The Garden of Unearthly Delights . For 11 shows i performed alongside The Lizard Man , Flavella L’Amour , Donny Vomit, and Pain Proof Zoe L’Amore.


I participated for the first time at World Sword Swallowers Day



and was part of Elena Gabriele’s DIRRTY Cabaret,  Marcel Lucont‘s Cabaret Fantastique in Perth & The Best of Fringe Variety show, Adelaide.


What the Press said:

“Ending the night in an inferno of glory was German performance artist Missa Blue. I can honestly say I’ve never seen a fire show like this before – there was literally fire all over the stage! She used various impressive props to pull off amazing pyrotechnic stunts, breathed fire like it was air and tied it all together a fierce personality and dazzling costume, and it made for one hell of a finale.” The Perth Projet

“An amazing pyrotechnic display by German Performance artist and suspected fire mage Missa Blue, that worked well in the high ceiling of the big top.” Rotunda Media Perth

“Fire-breathing she-devil MisSa Blue closed the show with an erotic display of heat and sequins that erupted in applause and whistles.” TREV


Personal feedback from fans of the show:

@Missa_Blue was an unexpected highlight of @fringe_world! Super Yay for having seen her fiery gorgeous acts on multiple occasions! #finesse

Elena Gabrielle: Thank you so much for being on DIRRTY last night! You were amazing (everyone was talking about you!!)

Venusthighgap (Instagram): You where SO amazing last night! Thank you totally blowing everyone away with your show!

shellshockedx (Instagram): Your show was fantastic! You killed it, I was on the edge of my seat! Crazy skills @missablue cannot wait to see more of your shows in future 🔥


Professional pictures:

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Pictures recieved from friends & fans:

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And some of my own:

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THANK YOU ALL – I HAD AN AMAZING TIME!12711188_1014738591906469_6239559733845629571_o

MisSa Blue & Louise De Ville at Wasteland

Wasteland is the biggest fetish party in Europe founded in 1994 and running successful for 21 years. I have been performing for them since 2013 and every time i am bringing new acts to the stage fitting their concept and theme of the year. At this winters event i wanted to do something really special so i teamed up with my friend and fellow international performer Louise De Ville for a fiery duet. We played 2 witches a dark and a light one and created costumes around the theme ‘Dark Fairytales’. We must have had about 6000 Rhinestones between us sparkling on our gowns and armed with much heavy fire equipment we stormed the stage and set the night on fire. In the final show down Louise was suspended and flying metres above the stage throwing massive flames into the air while i was breathing more then 8 metres high flames. (I know that because the Venue owner said the fire almost hit the ceiling in the hall). It was a spectacle and so much fun to perform. But see for yourself!

Following pictures by Heinrich von Schimmer & Maggie Leroux

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Speciality Act